Life of Real Estate Agent
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So many people think real estate agents just put their home on MLS and wait for a buyer to call. Get an offer, Go to closing and make a commission. Here is the reality of what an agent does for the commission from the "Behind the Scenes" of the job.

Agents work Holidays, Nights and Weekends as that is when the people buying are available to look at properties. 

Agents work directly with Lenders and Mortgage Brokers so you do not have to do all the leg work for your loan. 

Agents order title work and deed and review to make sure there are no legal issues before submitting to lenders.

Agents prequalify potential people so offers and time negotiating an offer is not time wasted. 

Agents work hand in hand to take out the added frustration of showings, open houses, marketing and monitor the marketing to see what is working and what is not. Agents network not only for new listings but to sell the listings they already have. 

When it comes to showings an agent meets strangers at the property, discuss the market, the positives of the home and answers questions about building, zoning, comparable sales to help motivate the potential buyer to make an offer. 

During the time the home is under contract to sell; an agent will spend a lot of "Out of Pocket" money to get it SOLD.

This is just some of what an agent does it is always ongoing. 


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