Highest Offer NOT Always the BEST
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In Real Estate people believe that the highest offer will seal the deal.

Although it is an agents dream to have multiple offers on a property; it can cause frustration for the potential buyers of the property. 

As we take a minute to think about this please keep in mind that highest offer does not just pertain to multiple offers but to ANY offer. 

When making an offer on a property your agent should be able to assist (unless dual agency applies) in determining the strategy of the offer. I am providing an example (hypothetical).

Seller is moving out of state. The house has been on the market for 2 months.  Buyer wants to offer $15,000 below list price.

At this point Buyer could offer to close and allow seller possession for 30 days after closing. Buyer could offer to cover all closing cost. Buyer could offer to pay Broker Fees. Buyer could offer to accept all taxes due with no Proration. 

There are several ways to make an offer. Together you and your agent can discuss offer options and allow your agent to negotiate for you.


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