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As I talk to the public and perform showings I've been hearing "I watch HGTV". This is great as the Newer Generations are becoming more self-sufficient as buyers, sellers and in the way of remodeling. However, there are a few things you must always take into consideration:

1. It is TV: Shows that you see on paid channels such as "Bravo" and "HGTV" are exactly that. "Shows" If you watch the credits there are directors, producers just at there are in movies. These shows assist people on an "Edited" situation. The show is editied to only highlight the good and the bad. In some cases even over emphasied to show better on TV. 

2. Most of the filming is done, if you have ever noticed, in Canada or in large cities where the economy, buyers and sellers are completely different. Example: It is not uncommon in markets for sellers to offer a Bonus "Above commission"to a "Buyers Agent" that brings a buyer within first 30 days. "This you generally will not see on TV as it would detract from the show and the quick sell.

3. Vernacular of Real Estate and Real Estate Laws very from State to State and Country to Country. Terms used on TV are not always the same terms used in this region and the TV shows are in other regions and countries. Example: In some states an agent who has a listing can not also bring a buyer for that same property. In these states "as an agent" you start and set your business as a "Listing Agent" only to list and market the properties; or as a "Buyers Agent" meaning you only show clients homes and write offers for the buyer side of the transaction. **In most of the shows I have observed that they follow the Listing Agent/Buyer Agent as the person writing the offer generally NEVER is the listing agent**

This is just some of the differences within the Real Estate profession vs what you see on TV. Talk to your Real Estate Agent about your area and the area in which you are looking to buy or sell. They KNOW the market and are best able to work with you.

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