First Time Home Buyers
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With grants available for First Time Home Buyers it is now possible for renters to own! These grants have stipulations in them some requiring the buyer bring $1000.00 toward the purchase and of course debt to income ratio's have to be "in line".

Did you know that if you owned a single wide mobile home you might still be able to get first time home buyer grants.

Unlike the purchase incentive in 2007-2009 where you got money back after closing towards buying a home. These grants actually go toward down payment giving you equity within a 5 year period.

The grants do have stipulations as to length lived in the home. If you live and maintain the home for "X" amount of years, the money is then forgiven. If you sell within the time frame of "X" years, then grants will have to be refunded on a proration based scale.

Contact me for more information!! 217.820.0608

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